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Whats is 3D Cake Projection Mapping

An Animated Cakes innovation

Using two high definition video projectors (one for each side of the cake) we create an animated image environment on top of the cake and with our expertise, we limit the projection to the dimensions of the cake. In this way we create a magical spectacle that will give a special touch to your wedding venue. The application of this unique technique is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and came to Greece for the first time by Animated Cakes! 

How does it work


We receive photos and videos from you so that our  Editors team can prepare a video that tells your story  and   which of course will be displayed on the cake.  A few more details that will make your experience even more exciting, will be requested after the expression of interest and the booking.

On the day of the event

One of our specialists arrives to your event venue early and takes care of the process and sets up the 3D Projection Mapping for the cake. He then remains in the venue and operates the software until the show's completion. 

The stages of the Show. 

What to expect

The Show is divided into two parts:

Part one: Welcoming
At this stage your guests enter the event space and the cake is ready -made and is a unique element in your decoration and aesthetics. During this part, the projections consist of attractive visuals that will enchant even the most demanding. 

Part Two: Main Event
At this stage, the couple has completed their entrance (in a manner of their choosing) and then it is the turn of the cake. Here we go to a personalized presentation where the cake with the couple is in the center. Then comes the cut that marks the end of the Show.

A Tour into the World of Animated Cakes (Video)

Who we are - The Creators of Animated Cakes

Vassilis Issopoulos

Art Director - Animated Cakes Team

With more than 14 years of experience in the field of theater and cinema as a Director and Performer, Vassilis personally supervises all stages of the artistic realization of each cake with the aim of an aesthetically unforgettable result.

George Kargas

General Manager - Animated Cakes Team

With his many years of experience in photography and the field of business, George is in charge of flow and completion of the process with the aim of its proper conduct and unparalleled service to you throughout the design.

Service points

We serve after timely Booking throughout Greece and Cyprus!

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